Web-Based Appointment Scheduling for All of Your Meetings

Save Time and Make Money

Imagine a trade show in which you knew who was going to stop by your booth, what time they would be there and what they wanted to discuss. With PennPlanner® that dream is reality. This purpose-built platform was designed with trade show exhibitors in mind. Create an event, set up time slots, customize your qualification questions, write your response email and you’re done! You can link to your PennPlanner® event from your website, digital ads, email and more. When your client visits the page, they’ll see what time slots you have available and select one that fits their schedule. Both of you receive a confirmation via email. It’s that easy!

PennPlanner’s® versatility means it’s applications extend far beyond trade shows. Whether you’re hosting a golf tournament, a user group meeting, product demonstrations or any other type of event, PennPlanner® has your scheduling needs covered.

PennPlanner® is offered in two service levels. Self-service gives you the most flexibility by allowing you to set up as many events as you wish, however you wish. For clients seeking a turnkey solution, managed-service may be a better option. You give us the pertinent event information and we’ll handle the setup and design. The managed-service plan even comes with a complimentary HTML email invitation for each event! Regardless of which service level you choose, PennPlanner® can increase your event ROI and save you time in the process! Contact us for a demonstration today.