Care 2 Innovations

Care 2 Innovations is a company that develops inventive products for healthcare providers, EMS agencies and fire departments. While the company had established a website, there was no social media presence. Our mission was to create a Facebook page for Care 2, develop and post social media content and execute a Facebook advertising campaign.

The Endeavor Marketing Solutions Effect

At first, much of our focus and planning was around a new product Care 2 planned to launch. To qualify leads for a trial of the new product, we developed a landing page containing a lead generation form. We then developed social media content focused on building brand awareness of the new product and driving people to the new landing page. While Care 2’s social media efforts are still in infancy stages, the results have been promising. Care 2’s Facebook page has experienced continued growth each month, and Care 2’s new product promotions have resulted in nearly 200 qualified leads for the new product. Furthermore, the client is very pleased with the results, stating that they are looking forward to working with us for a long time.