Maxim Crane

Maxim Crane is a coast-to-coast crane rental company specializing in crane rental and lifting services. Maxim first came to us because they wanted us to conduct a SEO audit of their website. After reviewing the results of the SEO audit, they asked us to implement the findings of the audit. In addition, we began working with Maxim Crane on a monthly eNewsletter project.

The Endeavor Marketing Solutions Effect

Our first SEO focuses were implementing the findings of the SEO audit, concentrating on both onsite and offsite SEO efforts. The results of this multi-month effort were so successful that Maxim Crane asked us to continue ongoing SEO efforts. At the 16-month mark of our SEO engagement with Maxim Crane, one of Maxim’s selected keywords was in the top position on Google, with a total of 6 of Maxim’s chosen keywords in the top 10 positions. Maxim’s website traffic has seen incredible gains, with an increase over 200% year over year. We also have worked with Maxim on their overall page score, which is now at 93% and targeted pages at 100%. Other improvements include site load speed which is down to 2.3 seconds, which is above average speed, increasing Maxim’s domain authority and obtaining over 2,000 backlinks. We have also continued working with Maxim on their e-newsletter campaign and growing their list size. Through SEO efforts, we’ve also worked with Maxim on creating more relevant website content, which has also been featured in some of the e-newsletters. Maxim Crane has been very pleased with the results of our efforts.

Traffic increased over 200% YoY


  • Increased search engine rankings for chosen keywords including 70 in the top 10 in Google
  • First page Google results for 32 location keywords
  • Traffic increased over 200% YoY
  • Increased overall page score to 93% with 9 other pages at 100%
  • Obtained over 630,270 backlinks through outreach campaigns and industry related sites
  • 423% increase in search visibility
  • Gained links on over 500 industry relevant websites
  • Written 10 industry relevant articles, featured on their social media channels and used in outreach programs
  • Increased Domain Authority
  • Site load speed down to 2.3 seconds, which is above average speed
  • Installed Google Maps plug-in for branch locations
  • Restored Google Analytics


  • List size: 20,439
  • Overall Open rate: 26%
  • Overall CTR: 2.42%