The Importance of Video Content in a Marketing Strategy

Feb 1, 2024

Content marketing, including video marketing, is integral to any marketing strategy, as it helps build your brand awareness and lead generation. 

Video content is increasingly becoming one of the top content types. According to the Endeavor B2B Benchmark Report, in 2024, 59% of marketers will increase their budgets for video content. There’s a good reason for that investment- video can influence its end user like no other form of content.

59% of B2B Benchmark respondents say they will increase their video content budget in 2024.

Why is Video Content Important in a Marketing Strategy?

Video Improves SEO

Videos shared on YouTube or social media are more likely to attract people to your website than other forms of content. Having video content on your website increases engagement time as people spend more time on pages with video. Longer engagement times and increased website traffic signal to Google that your site has varied content and content that people find informative, which will increase your Google SEO rankings. 

Video Builds Trust and Engagement

Video is an easy way to build trust and connect with an audience. For example, when we create videos for our clients that include key players in their business, they see a much higher engagement rate. By seeing an employee’s face, witnessing their body language, and hearing their tone, the audience feels a connection to the person. When a brand establishes trust and connection with its audience, it increases the likelihood of audience engagement and investment.

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B2B Benchmark Report respondents rank video content as a top content form.

Video is an Easier Format to Consume

These days, everyone is on the go, and attention spans are at an all-time low. Rather than actively reading through tons of text, video lets viewers absorb information passively. But passively doesn’t mean it’s any less impactful. Video can convey emotions, expressions, and tone, making it a more memorable, connection-building experience.

Video Allows You to Show, Not Tell

Sometimes, our clients have a complex product or solution that’s hard to translate into words. But, they still want to create effective marketing that resonates with the end user. In this case, we highly recommend using video, as it effectively demonstrates the product or solution in action. The end-user can dive into an immersive experience that allows them to understand a complex topic.

For example, this explainer video simplifies a complex solution from Siemens.

Types of Video Content Our Team Recommends

Here are a few video styles that have consistently delivered successful results for our clients.

  • Explainer Videos
    • Explainer videos are short, engaging, and informative videos that help bring complex topics, data, or products to life.
  • Product Videos
    • Showcase a product or solution’s key attributes and how it addresses the target audience’s challenges.
  • Quick Chat
    • Utilize the experts within your organization and bring a fresh approach to marketing with a quick chat video. 
  • Event Video
    • Extend your event investment with an engaging video highlighting your event presence to utilize throughout your marketing efforts.
  • Custom Video Production
    • Custom video solutions allow marketers to use video creation to tell their brand stories and showcase their products and services.

Videos are a powerful tool to connect with your audience. Whether you use them to explain complex concepts, showcase your product or service, or tell your brand’s story, videos can help you improve your content marketing strategy.

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