Data Driven Marketing

Use Data Driven Marketing for Better Results

B2B Marketers who utilize market research and audiences’ behaviors, interests, and intent can invest less than traditionally needed and achieve the same results.

Data driven marketing ends the struggle to determine where budget is wasted and promotes better attribution for spend optimization.


Utilize our robust audience data set to deliver personalized messages through content to your ideal prospects.

Continued Exposure

Access our global audience by surfacing a mixture of your content throughout the buyer’s journey and content consumption cycle.

Multi-Channel Reach

Deliver precise messaging across our industry websites and directly into your target prospects’ inboxes, all within the same campaign.

Increased Conversion Rates

Data driven marketing allows us to profile and identify high-quality prospects more likely to convert when in your marketing funnel.


Our campaign specialists will leverage the power of marketing automation by deploying continuous A/B testing throughout your entire campaign.

Insight to Action

Take advantage of our detailed and insightful reports to improve future campaign performance and influence your other digital marketing initiatives.

Get Started

A digital marketing specialist can guide you in finding the proper market research for your goals.

Success Stories

Factory Automation and Industrial IoT

Utilizing our data driven marketing tactics and automation, we drove 6,365 high value clicks to their website within four months across multiple Endeavor Business Media brand sites.

Electronic Component Distributor

An Electronic Component Distributor provided 32 pieces of content/products centered around 5G, AI, Power, RISC-V, Tech, and Security. Utilizing our data driven marketing tracts and automation, we drove 45,369 high-value clicks to their website within 12 months across multiple engineering websites.

Micro Fabrication

A Micro Fabrication company provided 19 pieces of content centered around Micro 3D printing and Medical Device Manufacturing. A data driven marketing campaign was utilized across two Endeavor Business Media brand sites that fit the client’s target audience profile.

Customers We Work With

Dassault Aviation
texas instruments
Mouser Electronics

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