Research & Intelligence

Enabling Smart Business Decisions and Strategies

Our Endeavor Business Intelligence division delivers critical research to identify your customers’ challenges, understand your brand perception, keep up with industry trends, and benchmark yourself against your competition.

60+ Years of Research Experience

60+ years of B2B and B2C quantitative and qualitative research experience offers a unique perspective on gaining the most profound insights and delivering meaningful intelligence.

150 In-House Subject Matter Experts

In-house subject matter experts fuel analysis and ensure valid results by understanding the trends and challenges impacting the surveyed professionals.

Engaged and Rich B2B Audience Database

Endeavor Business Media has an engaged and rich B2B audience database of 12 million in key industry verticals.

Companies that conduct frequent research grow up to 70% faster and are almost 50% more profitable than firms that don't.

B2B Research Helps Marketers Achieve Goals

Gain Competitive Intelligence

Break Into New Markets

Identify Audience Behaviors

Uncover New Sales Opportunities

Create Go To Market Strategies

Make Informed Business Decisions

Strengthen Marketing Strategy

Develop Content Marketing & Lead Gen Strategies

Launch New Products & Solutions

Research & Intelligence Services

Advertising, Logo & Tagline Testing

Refine messaging and ensure ads are building interest.

Brand Perception

Understand how your brand, product, and solution are perceived.

New Product Development

Leverage market research when developing a new product.

Customer Experience

Identify experiences and behaviors that build loyal customers.

State of the Market

Qualitative insight and a deep dive into perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors.

Industry Insights

Use market trends to develop thought leadership around a specific industry topic.

Conversational Analytics

Analyze and benchmark online conversational data.

Custom Research

Work with our experts to build a custom B2B market research program that meets your specific business goals.

In-Person Focus Group

Gather B2B insights from a lively group discussion led by a moderator.

Virtual Focus Group

Leverage research to create an immersive storytelling experience.

Virtual In-Depth Interview

Gain detailed insights from decision makers.

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Quantitative Survey Research 

Surveys are the workhorse of quantitative marketing research. They allow you to understand significant customer or segment similarities, perceptions, and behavior patterns.

Survey research also provides B2B companies the opportunity to demonstrate thought leadership by uncovering essential trends that affect their customers and industries.


Qualitative Focus Groups & Interviews
Focus groups and interviews are trusted tools of qualitative marketing research and offer a powerful feedback loop. Led by a trained moderator, a focus group is a structured discussion session to stimulate a lively conversation in which respondents can share experiences, comfortably make positive and negative comments, and interact to create new ideas and insights about the topic(s) at hand.


AI Driven Insights

A unique and modern balance of technology and human perspective. AI understands the voice of customers and uses sentiments captured from online content sources to target audiences.

Content Marketing Powered by Research Insights

Take an insights-based approach to content creation and gain a deeper understanding of audience challenges or utilize research intelligence as a high-level content asset.



for content marketing insights.



for telling the story.


Top Tips Guide

to address the challenges.



to establish thought leadership.


Explainer Video

simplifying complex ideas


White Papers

to guide decision making.


Reports & Analysis

for reviewing and optimizing.

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