2023 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report

Mar 28, 2023

Endeavor Business Media’s most recent B2B Marketing Benchmark Report had over 320 respondents representing key business sectors, including Buildings, City Services, Design & Engineering, Energy, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Transportation.

We gained valuable insight into how marketing professionals are approaching marketing this year. For example, we learned how they plan to use their marketing budget and how they plan to leverage research, content, and video solutions to engage their target audience.  

Most importantly, we learned that 81% of marketers use research to determine their marketing strategy. Investing in research helps marketers better understand their audience and brand messaging. In turn, this allows them to produce content and video that resonates and engages their audience. In turn, generating high-value leads, which is, after all, the most important goal for marketers.

Join your peers and use the valuable B2B Marketing Benchmark Report research to create a marketing strategy that generates leads.

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