[Research Webinar] From Metrics to Meaning

Apr 22, 2024

Leveraging Conversations for Marketing Success

Today’s marketing leaders are inundated with large amounts of customer data throughout the buyer’s journey. The massive volume of data can make extracting valuable insights that can drive informed marketing decisions challenging. However, qualitative research is also a powerful tool that can empower businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their clients. Marketers must learn how to balance both data and qualitative research to succeed. 

Our research webinar guides marketers on effectively combining customer data with qualitative research to ensure a balanced approach to decision-making. Attendees will learn techniques to extract the correct information from data and qualitative research, allowing them to enhance their customer’s overall experience, increase demand, and establish strong relationships with their target audience.

Key takeaways from the research webinar included:

  • The Limitations of Data and Dashboards
  • The Power of Qualitative Research
  • Balancing Methodologies for Optimal Insights
  • Why Continuous Feedback is Critical to Success
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About the Speakers:

Let’s get to know the experts who will guide you through the research webinar, From Metrics to Meaning: Leveraging Conversations for Marketing Success.

Paul Mattioli, Executive Vice President, Endeavor Business Intelligence 

Paul Mattioli is a seasoned business-to-business sales & marketing executive with a diverse 30-year background in strategic sales, business development, and content creation. Before leading Endeavor Business Intelligence within Endeavor Business Media, Paul held strategic positions with The New HIMSS, The New England Journal of Medicine, Epsilon (Publicis), and Ziff Davis. His work with global clients includes creating and delivering data driven marketing solutions designed to connect suppliers with qualified influencers and end-users. 

Jim Jager, VP of Research Operations 

Jim Jager has been involved in marketing research since 1990, coordinating and managing thousands of research projects. As Vice President of Research Operations for Endeavor Business Intelligence, Jim is immersed in every aspect of the company’s research, from the initial client meeting through issue development, data collection, analysis, and reporting to the final presentation. With substantial experience in data collection methods, he has a strong background in multiple quantitative methodologies and questionnaire design within a wide range of industries. Based on an extensive background, he understands when to use differing methodologies and how to design questionnaires to address critical issues. 

Get ready to learn how to utilize customer data and market intelligence to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. 

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