Learn How to Use Event Video to Stand Out at Your Next Event

May 7, 2024

According to the 2024 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report, a staggering 80% of companies plan to amplify their use of in-person events for marketing. What will your event marketing strategy look like in 2024, and how will you stand out?

Adding event video is undeniably a powerful tool for engaging prospective customers and driving them further in their buying journey.

One of the biggest marketing challenges is standing out from your competition. How many times have you felt FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) at a tradeshow, pondering the strategies employed to attract such a thriving audience of industry professionals at the booth next to you? If you want your booth to be a destination and not an afterthought, showcase your key differentiators on the most engaging medium: video. It will bring your product to life and demonstrate its capabilities.

Why Does Event Video Marketing Matter for Events?

In this digital age, our screens are bombarded with a stream of content every single day. As a consequence, it’s evident that our attention spans are shrinking at an alarming rate, alongside our tolerance for content that fails to captivate or remain pertinent to our interests. The average person will decide in the first 8.5 seconds of a video whether they will commit to watching in its entirety. Delivering a meticulously crafted message is crucial to conveying the value and articulating the benefits of your product or service memorably.

Simply put, when executed properly, event video marketing can significantly extend the post-event marketing cycle, create excitement for your next event, and provide a valuable asset to promote your product in the future. Now that you understand the importance of video in your event marketing efforts let’s explore a couple of different types of videos to incorporate into your strategy.

Interview Video

Our video specialists orchestrate compelling booth experiences. This style of video highlights the advantages and value proposition of your product.  We will strategically outline two to three thought-provoking questions in advance, centered around the challenges your product addresses, serving as engaging conversation starters. This approach alleviates the stress of directing the video concept, enabling you to concentrate on spotlighting the key features. By doing so, you establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. The interviewer acts more as a guide, setting you up for success. We’ll send your video directly to a targeted audience of industry experts, sparking curiosity and building momentum for your exceptional product or solution.

Here’s an example from EBM brand Lightwave.

Product Demo Presentation

Highlight your product’s excellence through an off-camera expert interview, highlighting its distinctive features and advantages. Build excitement around new product launches and utilize it in your content marketing strategy throughout the year. Leverage product demo presentations as a platform for your experts to confidently showcase key attributes without on-camera assistance. Amplify your tradeshow presence with a captivating three-minute video that positions your booth as a must-visit destination. Articulate the problems your products solve, fostering anticipation among attendees. This approach not only engages potential customers but also reinforces your brand’s authority, making your booth a focal point at the tradeshow. We will distribute your video to a targeted audience of industry professionals, ensuring maximum exposure and cultivating interest in your innovative product or solution.

Here’s an example from the EBM brand Laser Focus World.

Set your booth apart with a dynamic video asset that powers your content strategy. Your event video can effectively convey your product’s value proposition, accelerating ROI and striking a chord with your target audience. Prioritize event marketing videos to attract and engage. EBM offers expertise in conceptualizing and producing videos that boost your event marketing strategy and draw the right audience pre-, during, and post-event.

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