A Year in Review: Top Content on the Content Hive 

Dec 13, 2023

2023 Content Recap

This year, we launched the Content Hive to provide a resource for marketers. In just a few months, we have created various resources, including podcasts, videos, downloads, case studies, and countless articles marketers have used to inspire and uplevel their marketing. We have some exciting content planned for 2024, and we can’t wait to share it with you. But, for now, let’s dive into the most popular content from the Content Hive in 2023.

Number 1: Using generative AI to amplify your marketing content

There was so much buzz around AI and its potential this year. We knew that marketers were scrambling to understand how to implement AI successfully. As B2B marketing leaders, we led the way and created a best practice guide for using AI. This free download guides marketers on utilizing AI through the content cycle, gives access to AI tools for content creation, and highlights how to create and refine prompts that return valuable and engaging content.

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Number 2: How to use AI to create personalized marketing

It’s no surprise that our second most popular post on the Content Hive was AI-related. In the post, “How to use AI to create personalized marketing,” we share the success we’ve seen using Personif.ai to create highly personalized marketing campaigns. Personif.ai uses AI technology and behavior/consumption insights to target your ideal clients with top-performing content. It’s fascinating! 

>>Learn more about personalized marketing

Number 3: Micro-prox case study 

With events back in full swing, marketers are trying to find ways to capitalize on event audiences. In this post, we share a case study highlighting the success of micro-proximity. With this location targeting tool, marketers can reach attendees before the event, drive booth traffic during the event, and engage with them afterward.

>>Read the case study to learn more about micro-proximity

Number 4: Switch from UA to GA4

UA to GA4

Google replaced Universal Analytics (UA) with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) this year. We enlisted our resident Google guru to take a deep dive into the transition. She shared what to expect with the new GA4, how to track user behavior, and how to measure your content performance and marketing efforts.

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Number 5: Short-form content; sometimes less is more

short-form content | content marketing

Everyone has a short attention span and a busy schedule, so more marketers are using short-form content to grab their audience’s attention. In this post, we share five reasons short-form content is an effective way to amplify your message, why it works for our clients, and some of the most successful types of short-form content. 

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